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Survey Methods

A sample survey can be a very effective way of obtaining relevant and reliable data at a reasonable cost. This 2 day course covers the key steps in developing and conducting a survey. Topics covered include: determining objectives, specifying population of interest, identifying the sampling frame, determining precision required, deciding type of investigation needed, determining collection method, developing and testing the collection instrument, and specifying the sampling method. It will also consider the major sources of errors in a survey.

The presenters are Prof David Steel, Director of the National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia, University of Wollongong and Prof Stephen Haslett, Professor of Statistics at Massey University.

Professor David Steel has extensive experience in survey methodology through his considerable experience with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), prior to joining the University of Wollongong. He has active links with industry, including projects with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, NSW Ministry of Health and NZ Ministry of Health, on methodological issues associated with their surveys. He is a member of the ABS’s Methodological Advisory Committee and has a PhD in Statistics from the University of Southampton.













Professor Steve Haslett worked at what is now the Statistics NZ in the late 1970s. He has a PhD from Victoria University on repeated sample surveys, and has been designing and analysing sample surveys for over 30 years in New Zealand as well as in a variety of countries such as Azerbaijan, Samoa, Solomons, Tonga , Uganda, Vanuatu, and Vietnam. He has also worked extensively with the UN World Food Programme for example in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Nepal, Timor-Leste, and the Philippines, where he has made extensive use of health survey information particularly from Demographic and Health Surveys.

12 November - 13 November 2013


Tuesday, 9am to 5pm

Wednesday, 9am to 5pm


Centre for Public Health Research
Massey University
Seminar Room, Level 1
102 Adelaide Road


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Katharine Haddock
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Registration costs $450 (includes morning and afternoon tea).


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