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Australasian Epidemiology Association 11th Annual Scientific Meeting

"Epidemiology in a globalised world"

  • What research should epidemiologists be doing to assist society to reduce health inequalities?
  • Global Burden of Disease
  • Including ethnicity in the face of changing definitions, poor quality data and diverse methodologies
  • Using the web and electronic platforms in epidemiologic research, health promotion and health care practice
  • What are we doing in injury research in Australasia? What should we be doing?
  • Health research ethics
  • Evidence-based decision making on resource allocation: the Assessing Cost Effectiveness (ACE) ?Heart Disease Study
  • Student workshop

Proferred paper sessions
  • Traffic injury
  • Indigenous health
  • Communicable disease
  • Socioeconomic, lifestyle
  • Occupational health
  • Epidemiologic methods
  • Child health/respiratory
  • Cancer
  • Population surveys, surveillance
  • Clinical, health services


Professor Mason Durie, Massey University


Professor Jorma Rantanen , Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Dr Paolo Boffetta , International Agency for Research on Cancer

Professor Robyn Norton , Institute of International Health, University of Sydney

Professor George Patton, University of Melbourne and Monash University, Melbourne

Conference organisers

The conference was hosted by The Centre for Public Health Research (CPHR), Massey University - Wellington Campus.


The Organising Committee was chaired by Professor Neil Pearce (CPHR) and Professor Rod Jackson (Division of Community Health, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland).

5 September - 6 September 2002