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Dioxin: Exposures, Health Effects and Public Health Policy


Session 1

Health effects of occupational exposures

Professor Kyle Steenland

Session 2

Science and communities: ESR's consultation work with the Paritutu community

Virginia Baker

Mortality studies of phenoxy herbicide production workers

Dr Andrea 't Mannetje

Mortality studies of former timber treatment workers

Dr David McLean

Session 3

Public health policy and dioxin in the environment

Professor Allan Smith

The science-public interface: Paritutu serum dioxin study

Dr Deborah Read

Public health responses

Dr Mark Jacobs

Dioxin assessment in New Zealand: the science behind the policy

Dr Simon Buckland

Environmental policy on dioxins

Jonathan Coakley

Dioxins: occupational exposure ?putting a government response into a public policy context

Bob Hill

Dioxin claims management in ACC

John Monigatti

7 September 2005, Wednesday


Museum Theatre Massey Wellington Campus


Programme Presentations