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Health and the Environment at Work - the Need for Solutions


Session 1

Neurological disease: the next occupational disease epidemic

Professor Neil Pearce

Session 2

Neurotoxic effects of solvent exposures in spray painters

Samuel Keer

Differential Neurobehavioral Effects from Acute and Chronic Exposure to Solvents and Metals

Professor Diana Echeverria

Case control study of motor neuron disease – links with occupational exposures

Dr David McLean

Session 3

Social injustice, workplace injustice, and occupational health: on racism, class, gender and workers' health – an ecosocial analysis

Professor Nancy Krieger

Session 4

The New Zealand survey on occupational exposure and health

Dr Andrea 't Mannetje

Occupational dermatitis in New Zealand Cleaners

Professor Jeroen Douwes

Asthma in Sawmill workers

Dr David McLean

Occupational musculoskeletal symptoms, consequences and risk factors in New Zealand

Professor Stephen Legg and Baiduri Widanarko

Session 5

Occupational health surveillance

Associate Professor Barry Borman

Shift work, sleep, health and solutions

Professor Philippa Gander

Session 6

Re-emergence of old workplace hazards - are we doing enough?

Professor Malcolm Sim

Epidemiology and prevention of noise induced hearing loss in New Zealand

Associate Professor Ian Laird

The occupational hygiene perspective

Philippa Gibson

Session 7

Video exposure monitoring – a novel tool in the quest to reduce exposure levels

Associate Professor James McGlothlin and Mark Sharp

Reducing exposure to wood dust in joinery workers and furniture makers

Kerry Cheung

Methyl bromide exposures in workers handling shipping containers in Melbourne Australia

Mark Wagstaffe

Session 8

Environmental health effects of exposures originating from the workplace

Professor Allan Smith

Dioxin exposure and birth defects in Paritutu

Associate Professor Barry Borman

Industrial discharges with neighbourhood health impacts

Associate Professor Deborah Read

Session 9

Occupational exposure to carcinogens in New Zealand

Dr Andrea 't Mannetje

Cancer case – control studies – occupational risk factors

Dr David McLean

Session 10

Occupational Health Research to Inform ACC Policy and Operational Decision-making: Our Context and Possible Interests

Dr John Wren

Occupational Health Symposium

Warwick Quinn

2 April - 3 April 2012


Te Papa Museum, Wellington


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