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Occupational Health in New Zealand: Challenges and opportunities


Session 1

Introductory remarks

Dr Bill Glass

Occupational health in New Zealand, history, challenges and opportunities

Professor Neil Pearce

Session 2

Occupational cancer epidemiology: Contributions and future needs

Professor Aaron Blair

Case-control studies of occupational cancer in New Zealand

Professor Neil Pearce

Cohort studies of occupational cancer in New Zealand

Dr David McLean

Session 3

Changing patterns of occupational respiratory disease

Professor Malcolm Sim

Occupational asthma in New Zealand

Professor Jeroen Douwes

New onset asthma in sawmill workers - a study in New Zealand

Professor Jeroen Douwes

Session 4

Occupational dermatitis in New Zealand

Dr Lissa Judd

Occupational dermatitis in cleaners - a study in New Zealand

Associate Professor Jeroen Douwes

Session 5

International studies of congenital malformations

Associate Professor Barry Borman

Reprotoxic health effects among oncology nurses: tasks versus dermal exposures to antineoplastics

Professor Hans Kromhout

Occupational risk factors for congenital malformations - a study in New Zealand

Dr Andrea 't Mannetje

Session 6

Occupational exposure assessment: we can make it more interesting but not easier

Professor Hans Kromhout

The New Zealand Job-Exposure-Matrix (NZJEM)

Dr Andrea 't Mannetje

Dioxin exposure in former timber treatment workers

Dr David McLean

Australian workers tell their story about their Hazard Exposures

Dr Peta Miller

The New Zealand Workforce Survey

Amanda Eng

Night shift work and occupational exposures

Dr Sarah Jay

Session 7

Occupational health in Maori

Professor Chris Cunningham

Occupational exposures in Maori

Dr Lis Ellison-Loschmann

Session 8

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM)

Dr John Kerr

New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society

Ian Bartlett

Occupational health Nursing

Judith Vercoe

The Department of Labour

Dr Geraint Emrys

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Dr Margaret Macky

The Council of Trade Unions

Anne-Marie McInally

17 November - 18 November 2008