Jeroen Douwes

PhD, MSc

Professor Jeroen Douwes is the Director of the Centre for Public Health Research. He is also a Principal Investigator for the Infectious Disease Research Centre at Massey University.

He completed both his MSc and PhD in The Netherlands (Wageningen University) but is based permanently in New Zealand since 1998. Jeroen is recognised internationally for his work on asthma and indoor and occupational health. His current research programme focuses on asthma causation, mechanisms and prevention. In particular, it involves studies in children and adults focusing on protective and risk factors associated with the development of allergies and asthma; and the role of non-allergic immune mechanisms in asthma.

He is currently the principle investigator of studies on the protective effects of raw milk on allergies and asthma, the protective effects of the farm environment on allergies and asthma, neurotoxic effects of solvent exposures in spray painters, neurotoxic effects of fumigant exposures in workers handling shipping containers, and occupational intervention studies to reduce exposures to hazardous substances. He is also the Director of a $5.6M HRC-funded Programme Grant on occupational health in New Zealand which focuses on occupational causes of motor neuron disease, congenital malformations, asthma and neuropsychological disorders.

Three important professional values characterise his work: 1) building researcher capacity; 2) dissemination to inform policy and practice; and 3) wide engagement with the global research community realised through international alliances.

Jeroen has (co)-authored 150+ peer reviewed scientific publications, and is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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Jeroen Douwes


Phone: +64 4 979 3120