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Barry Borman is Professor of Epidemiology. He has a Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of Otago and extensive experience in applied epidemiology, perinatal epidemiology especially the epidemiology of birth defects, public health surveillance, the uses of national health datasets and record linkage, and the translation of research into policy development and decision-making in the health sector.

He is Director of the national Environmental Health Indicators Programme, which is the hub for monitoring how the environment effects the health of New Zealanders. The latest data and information on environmental hazards, exposures and health effects are available at website . Barry is also the Director of the New Zealand Birth Defects Registry which monitors the occurrence of birth defects in New Zealand ( He is the New Zealand representative at the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research ( and EUROCAT (, the European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies.

Barry has an extensive teaching portfolio at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. He also successfully supervisors MPH and PhD students, which and CPHR’s teaching programme. He supervises a number of MPH and PhD students.

From 2000-08, Barry was the Manager of Public Health Intelligence, the epidemiology and surveillance group of the Ministry of Health.

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Barry Borman

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