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Co-designing a Pacific diabetes prevention program with families and communities

The distribution of and access to resources to enable better health and wellbeing for Pacific families with members who have long-term conditions, continues to be unequal, and lacks cultural responsiveness that is acceptable to Pacific groups living in different regions (rural vs urban). This project focuses on co-designing a unique family-centred diabetes prevention programme. Pacific families make up the nucleus of their communities, and often determine how communities operate collectively. The prevention programme will focus on a holistic approach to support family members who have or are at high risk of diabetes. The impact of the overall research programme will provide a methodological approach that can be replicated in other communities and ethnic groups. This proposal also builds-on an established Pacific community-research partnership and it is, therefore, well placed to implement the research work.

February 2021


  • Elizabeth Okiakama
  • South Waikato Pacific Island Community (SWPIC), NZ
  • Akarere Henry
  • South Waikato Pacific Island Community (SWPIC), NZ
  • Dr Anna Matheson
  • Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
  • Assoc. Prof Nia Aitaoto
  • University of Utah, USA


  • Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE)