Research Projects



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Biodiversity & Health Study

Key words: Microbiota, biodiversity, asthma, allergy

Completed CPHR Projects

Workplace interventions to reduce wood dust exposures in the joinery and furniture making industry

Key words: Wood dust, control measures, joinery workers, furniture makers, intervention, exposure assessment

Workplace exposure to carcinogens in New Zealand

Key words: Occupational health, cancer, epidemiology, exposure assessment

Worker Exposure Survey

Key words: Occupational health, occupational exposures

Women's occupational health and safety in New Zealand

Key words: Occupational health, women's health

Understanding the determinants of inequalities in breast cancer survival

Key words: Breast cancer, cancer control, cancer survival, health inequalities, ethnicity, socio-economic factors, rurality

Tokelau Food Security Policy

Key words: Pacific health, food security

The Role of the Innate Immune System in Childhood Asthma Development

Key words: Childhood asthma, allergy, innate immunity, birth cohort

The New Zealand Workforce Survey

Key words: Burden, Occupational health, industrial exposures

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Study

Key words: Breast cancer, epidemiology, risk factors

The investigation of breast milk for persistent organic pollutants

Key words: Breast milk, Persistant organic Pollutants, New Zealand population, polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDE)