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Workplace exposure to carcinogens in New Zealand

The aims of this project are:

  1. To conduct a review of the occupational causes of cancer and the known solutions for reducing and/or preventing exposures;
  2. To construct a New Zealand specific Information System on Occupational Exposure to Carcinogens (NZ-CAREX);
  3. To construct a New Zealand specific Agricultural Chemicals Exposure Matrix (NZ-ACEM);
  4. To identify key industries and key carcinogens for which intervention would result in marked reductions in occupational cancer;
  5. To evaluate practice, knowledge and attitudes of employers, employees and health and safety personnel about workplace carcinogens and intervention strategies, in key New Zealand industries;
  6. To engage industry and other relevant stakeholders in this;
  7. To build research capacity and partnerships in the field of workplace exposure to carcinogens.

Please click HERE for a PDF report of the study.


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Honaryar M, Lunn R, Luce D, Ahrens W, 't Mannetje A, Hansen J, Bouaoun L, Loomis D, Byrnes G, Vilahur N, Stayner L, Guha N. Welding fumes and lung cancer: a meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2019; 76(6): 422-431. link icon

November 2007


  • Dr Aaron Blair
  • US National Cancer Institute
  • Professor Hans Kromhout
  • IRAS, University of Utrecht
  • Dr Paolo Boffetta
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer


  • Health Research Council of New Zealand